Thursday, June 02, 2005

This woman from work showed me a photo album of her parents' wedding June 1960 and to see such a detailed record of an event so long ago was aswesome. That made my day. Since the last post I have bought a cheap used car to get me places. The only thing is my license is supended due to massive past parking tickets totaling $3500, so I am very careful and not driving it that much. I was a bad boy years ago.

Anyways, I was recently invited to submit work for this fall's Day of the Dead at the
Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum. They will dedicate the entire show to the life of Carlos Cortez, and activist, artist and poet who died earlier this year. So the image below is my homage to him. It is a digital print on canvas which will be shown with 500 postcards of one of his poems. And these cards will be free to the public.

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