Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lucid dream 3/13/16

I just had a lucid dream where I was at an art opening at my studio and it had no furniture and no wall divider. So it was all filled with sculpture and interactive art all over the floor. Some people are walking around while others sit on the floor looking at the smaller objects. At this point I realized I was dreaming.

I looked around and everything was in vivid color. I'm sitting on the floor talking to someone and one of the artists hands me a small piece of paper with text and intricate paper cut out patterns on the edges. I start noticing the extreme level of detail that my brain is doing to render this dream.

I start walking around and looking at every little texture. I look in my kitchen area to see what I have. I then walk outside and the street is a wider busier 2 lane avenue with huge trees on the sidewalk. I look up at the 3 floor building and start climbing the wall. Once I get to the top, I sit down and just look around in a panoramic view at my brain's creation.