Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dream 12-25-15

Just had an interesting dream where I was part of a team traveling to another alternate reality. There was a group of us in some warehouse waiting in line to go through a big doorway. It was kind of like a Stargate but rectangular with a ramp and no fancy special effects. The center was just black. So when it was my turn, I walked up the ramp, walked into the blackness and instantaneously came out the other side which was the inside of another building  with rooms and aisles with storage boxes plus people working.

I walked through out the building looking for an exit. I climbed up some stairs and eventually found one. There where a few people near the door so I asked this cute girl what I was supposed to do. She said to explore and come back later for a group dinner.

As I walked onto the street of this metropolitan alternate reality city I felt the fresh outdoor air going into my lungs. A few people were walking about and I noticed the building facades were filled with intricate stone designs. They looked centuries old but without the usual Greco-Roman influence that you see in 19th century USA cities.

I walked for a few blocks and came across what looked like an alley. I looked away for a second and then back and the alley was gone. It was just a brick wall. It was then that I realized I was dreaming and woke up.