Friday, February 17, 2006

prospectus art gallery reopens

i participated in this show at prospectuson friday. The gallery has been closed for renovation for many years and finally re-opened.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Houston trip part 2

While in Houston we stopped by Diverseworks to see their current show and it includes a wonderful video animation installation by Marina Zurkow.

Here is the text from Diverseworks: "Marina Zurkow is a multidisciplinary artist who works with character, icon, and narrative in several forms: interactive installations, graphic images, animated works, and material objects. In 2004, Zurkow completed a seven channel, multi-linear animated installation, Nicking the Never, which was first presented as a work-in-progress at The Kitchen in New York. DiverseWorks will present the latest incarnation of this installation that can only be described as "exploded cinema," an immersive environment of eye-popping color, offbeat slapstick, and promises of eternity. This project explores adolescence, the relatively uncharted territory of the youthful female imagination and the intricate realms of psycho-sexual fantasy and desire. Nicking the Never is composed of animated allegories about a young girl stuck in a world of emotional pitfalls. This kaleidoscopic trip into the states of selfhood bases its structure in the Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Existence, whose images luridly and vividly describe the human struggle with need, jealousy, complacence, aggression, desire, and ego."

Here are links to her quicktime animation movies that were part of this installation:
movie 1
movie 2
movie 3
movie 4
movie 5
movie 6
movie 7

Now imagine all these playing at the same time projected in a huge dark room onto hanging screens. The experience was awesome!

Houston trip

I organized an art exhibit at Commerce Street Artists' Warehouse in Houston this past weekend and met some cool contemporary artists. I arrived friday afternoon and finished installing the show saturday morning with the opening being later that night.
Below are some photos of the exhibit:

Teresa O'Connor from CSAW, artist Edra Soto and Randall from PLUSH Gallery in Dallas.

Steve Cruz from Mighty Fine Arts Gallery in Dallas also drove to Houston for the show.
more images here: