Sunday, June 25, 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006

Michael Piazza video

I just came across this video from Jim Duignan/Stockyard Institute. And it is of Michael Piazza circa 1993. Michael passed away sunday April 30, 2006. He was 50 years old and was a wonderful artist and an inspiration to the development of POLVO: Him and the Axe St. Arena collective plus the Calles y SueƱos alternative art space from the mid 1990s in Pilsen inspired us to what now is POLVO.

Currently Rebecca Wolfram from Axe st. Arena is showing at POLVO and the next show is Elizam Escobar, another member from Axe St(all this was planned a year in advance). He was one of the Puerto Rican revolutionaries that were arrested early 1980s and were serving jail sentences until Bill Clinton pardoned them in 1999.*Note that his wife did not agree with his pardon..... Michael and Elizam were close friends and Michael was going to coordinate the exhibit, but since his passing I have to take care of that. So come on by June 23rd and meet Elizam!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Tonight was awesome! I spent most of the night listening to the best latino hardcore punk bands coming out from the ashes of "Los Crudos" circa early 1990s. Los Crudos are an icon and inspired Rage Against The Machine, among many other neo, wannabe latino punk commercial rock groups since the mid 90s. I was at the first "los Crudos" show and it was at my friend's basement, so to go see a hardcore punk show now....i felt so old among the young kids. Anyways below are pics from tonight.

Friday, June 02, 2006

another recycle piece

I promise this will be the last piece of art in my "recycle" series. So far I have done bumper stickers(see previous posts), digital photo documentation of the sickers in public, a computer drawing(below) and now this internet flash file. Click on the image...Enjoy!

art statement:
Recycling is used to describe a series of activities that includes collecting recyclable materials that would otherwise be considered waste, sorting and processing recyclables into raw materials and manufacturing the raw materials into either making the same product(closed loop) or new products(open loop). An example of open-loop recycling is using plastic bottles to make pipes. Artists use these processes all the time. Some come up with an idea and create work using a certain style/media and repeat this for a long time to please his/her commercial gallery/collectors(this is closed loop recycling).While others may gather old ideas, twist and turn them, throw them up in the air and some new concept pops up(open loop recycling).

Diverseworks benefit

Recycle your ideas
computer drawing/print
miguel cortez, 2006

Diverseworks in Houston is having a benefit to raise funds in July. I was invited and this is the print that I will donate.

DiverseWorks is a non-profit art center dedicated to presenting new visual, performing, and literary art. DiverseWorks is a place where the process of creating art is valued and where artists can test new ideas in the public arena. By encouraging the investigation of current artistic, cultural and social issues, DiverseWorks builds, educates, and sustains audiences for contemporary art.