Friday, December 28, 2018

Love rant

I've had this huge crush on a co-worker since 2014.  She has been married since 2013 and we chatted online and added each other to all the social media apps during that time. Nothing physical ever happened but I think I reached her soul with online interactions during her problematic issues about her husband in 2015. She stayed with her husband since then. What does that say about my influence? I must let it go and go on. She is now part of her husband's new delivery service. Our souls may meet later after this existence but I doubt it. Fuck it. This existence sucks.

*** My 2019 Predictions. ***

1. There will be a disclosure about what is in Antarctica. The Nazis built bases there. The USA has bases there. It has not been just for scientific reasons. What is under the ice? Many politicians have gone down there including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and her “aide” Huma Abedin in 2009. Climate change? Really? 2. Bill Clinton will suicide with 2 bullets to the head at Jeffery Epstein’s Pedo Island for his last fling. 3. Bernie will pass away. And just “conveniently” for the Democratic party. 4. The deep state/illuminati (or whatever you call them) will keep on trying to assassinate the President just like they did to Kennedy. He will survive. 5. No one will care about Drake anymore and he will go into Jermaine Jackson mode or start performing in Vegas. 6. The USA will dissolve the federal reserve and our monetary system will go back to being backed by gold instead of something imaginary. 7. Some new motherfucker will find a link to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to Quantum physics. And then realize we live in a computer program. 8.The band Pavement will try to reunite again because they need money. 9. Agenda 2030 will be exposed as just a continuation of the “New World Order” Neo-con/Neo-liberal/New green Deal corporate initiative. 10. Tom Hanks will be exposed as a pedophile after his Mister Rogers movie. 11. Betty White will finally die. 12. The Space Force will happen and we will be surprised as to what has been going on behind the scenes for decades. The Pentagon's trillions of dollars went somewhere.

Friday, October 12, 2018

political rant

Back in 2016 I was all into Bernie. He filled stadiums while Hillary could barely fill a gymnasium. I was really hoping he would be our next President. But then Hillary as it turns out was funding the DNC so of course they owed her and did all they could to cheat Bernie from coming close to getting the nomination. After the Democratic convention Bernie succumbed to the queen and even campaigned for her to unite the party for the general election. Either he was just stupid or he really believed he was doing the right thing.
That’s when I lost all respect for him and once I saw the DNC wikileaks, I became bitter and angry at Hillary for being so corrupt and trying to (forcibly) win something because she felt it was her turn.
Trump won the RNC nomination fairly and he was the right wing populist equivalent of Bernie. So during the election I was silently cheering as the state maps turned red during the coverage. My hatred for Hillary cheating Bernie went so far that I enjoyed "piece of shit" Rachel Maddow actually being sad and crying once she found out Trump would be President.
At that time I predicted that the Democrats would have learned their lesson and promoted progressive candidates for the 2018 midterms. They haven’t learned shit. They have no progressive platform and instead just attack Trump. Publicly they say Superdelegates are gone now but in the backdoor meetings the DNC can say a candidate is not “democratic” enough and stop their campaign.
Shitty stuff like this has made me hate the Democrats. I am now an independent thinker who sees past the mainstream political bullshit and the “problem/complaint” of the week that most (sheep) people post on Facebook. Know/research that Facebook was the result of a government program called “Lifelog” by DARPA as a massive archive of human surveillance. Facebook was the public face of Lifelog on February 4, 2004.
Question everything you see on social media. Do not succumb to the typical psychological “social media” propaganda. Know that the media uses Trump for ratings and money. If he shits silver then they will complain why he didn’t shit gold. It’s all a reality show and you are being used.