Saturday, April 16, 2011

phone app

i want to do an augmented reality phone app where one can place a status update and people see it on their phone in real time. So when one walks into a cafe/bar your phone scans the room and tells you people's status updates.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I am in this show!

THE OCTAGON presents 
a one night event, 7-10pm, Saturday, May 7th

TWEEN is a survey of responses to the animated GIF via animated GIF-the bastard child of early motion picture technology and most pesky annoyance generator capable of rendering the most sober of images into perpetual ridicule. Local, national, and international cultural workers were asked to either create or curate an animated GIF. The show is divided in two parts.

Emphasizing the personal computer as the frame for production and consumption, 30 animated GIFS will play simultaneously by a diverse yet local slew of artists, designers, curators, writers, art historians, and cat fanciers, as they all race their animated GIF to personal computer battery death via an ad hoc computer lab.  

Projecting the animated GIF to a monumental scale via the 15' TWEEN SCREEN;  the wee GIF file will reach new lofty proportions that are incapable of experiencing at home in your mom's basement. 

TWEEN is a one night event and all GIFS and documentation, as well as a text by Steven Pate, will have an eternal afterlife where you can revel in its planned obsolescence at TWEEN is a project in collaboration between artist Christopher Smith and Octagon Gallery.  

Participants include:
 Aaron Orsini,   Adam Farcus, Adam Grossi, Alberto Aguilar, Alicja Zelazko, Angeline Evans, Arielle Bielak, Adam Trowbridge, Ben Russell, Big Bad Ron, Brandon Alvendia, Brian Wadford, Burak Birinci, Chris Hammes, E. Aaron Ross, Eric Fleischauer, Emily Keuhn, Hooliganship, Isak Berbic,  Jake Myers, Jesse Avina, Jon Satrom, Kevin Jennings, Kevin Robinson, Kirsten Leenars, Kyle Fletcher, Laura Boban, Lara Unnerstall, Mark Sansone, Michael Radziewicz, Miguel Cortez, PaperRad, Philip Parcellano, Philip von Zweck,  Rob Ray, Silas Reeves, Steven Pate, Tim Pigot, Tom Burtonwood, Theo Darst, and many more!

THE OCTAGON gallery and screening space
1318 N Milwaukee
Apt 300
Chicago, IL, 60622