Friday, January 28, 2011


As i was driving home south on Laflin St. and came to the viaduct on 15th St. I noticed that there was some construction on my right side(a truck blocking that side and some workers), so I drove on the left side of the viaduct which has the traffic coming the opposite way. As i was passing the viaduct i saw a cop car on the left side waiting to go north on that side. I became nervous but kept driving south and then moved to the right lane past the cops on 16th St.

They did a u-turn and flashed the lights so i moved the car to the far right and stopped. This burly latino cop driver came out and walked towards my car. At that same moment I noticed his partner was also opening his door and slowly was also about to walk towards my car. Now I started to think of what to say and also I do not have a license nor car insurance, so i was thinking about the future consequences of me in jail, etc...(I am also a burly and a tall mexican with a shaved head and could be mistaken for a gangbanger driving an old Ford Crown Victoria...?)

I lowered my window as the latino cop came over. I said "Hello, sir."
and he asked "Why where you driving on the opposite side over there?"

I answered, "There was road construction."
He then said, "Good excuse." and made a gesture to continue on my way.

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