Friday, July 22, 2005


are we all just part of a process? when we map out our individual existence, is it some linear/organic(branch) pattern?... we go thru life searching for something, some explanation about who and what and why we are---we read the past, we theorize about the future...our life is spent trying to understand ourselves---hence philosophy, religion. in order to understand ourselves we have to step out of ourselves.

torture video

see if you like this very short video

soap drawing

sunday july 17-12pm

nosy neighbor

and after he left i took this photo. Notice one "w" is missing and the "g" looks like a "c"..i need a new sign.

contagious brain blurbs

Artists Hyunjoo Oh and Noah Shibley recently had an opening at polvo. For more images you can see the web site

light pattern

July 3, 2005 at 6:19am
Paola would love this...I was amazed when i saw this.

rogers park

some photos from June 25th, 2005