Monday, June 20, 2005

strange dream


I had this lucid and strange dream last night: I was in some art school in a city that doesn't exist and with people i've never met. Everything seemed so real. We were staying in dorms in a neighborhood that resembled some low income/decayed area. And one of our assignments was to create public art, so we walked around the neighborhood and created installations using found objects and materials. We separated into groups and during our walk I saw this futuristic 2 wheeled cycle. My quick sketch is above. It reminded me of the vehicles in the movie "Tron". Anyways we were crossing the street as this 2-wheeled cycle was speeding. It tried passing this other futuristic garbage truck(i don't remember the design though) but the truck scooped up the 2-cycle and threw it up on top to it's disposal area crushing it and the driver...Talk about tapping into a parallel universe...

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