Friday, January 04, 2013

dream 1-04-2013, 3:51am

Had a dream of walking to an outdoor one day art show in this decayed industrial area with destroyed buildings and walls leftover standing. This conceptual/graffiti female artist who went by the name "happy?" was showing installations using materials that blended with the raw industrial surroundings.

I was with a group of people, some of whom I recognized. The artist was explaining an installation in front of us which was a huge 300sq foot square made up of dirt, rocks and stuff sticking out which looked like metal hangers twisted into various shapes.

She invited the group to step into the installation and reshape the metal sculptures. So we did. I noticed as the crowd was stepping all over the dirt and rocks, that a few larger rocks looked like they were moved so I proceeded to move them back into place. The artist came by me and started yelling and saying, "Those are part of the installation and should not be moved voluntarily. You should only reshape the metal sculptures that I just explained!"

I apologized and after this ordeal the artist pointed to where we could get some drinks. It was an opening on the floor with a metal chute that lead down to a basement level. It did not look safe but most of us in the group slid down for drinks and further art chit chat.

After a while we walked back up to leave and there was a half demolished wall with an abstract mural with the name "happy?" spray painted below it. Next to it it said "next art opening: Barry McGee."

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