Saturday, January 05, 2013

2013 Predictions

my predictions for 2013:

1.smartphones will continue to be larger(phablets) because very few people actually make calls anymore. Luddites/Hipsters continue looking for payphones and carry 50 cents in their pockets at all times.

2. Al Gore will try to sell his soul on ebay. No one bids on it.

3.The CBS network will finally cease to exist. All the old viewers will be confused and just watch CSPAN thinking it's a new episode of Matlock.

4. Fox will finally cancel all those damn sunday night cartoons and replace them with 2 hours of Howard Stern.

5. New alternative apartment art spaces will pop up and disappear.

6. Religious freaks will continue knocking on your door but Google will invent the star trek "tricorder" so they will be able to scan your place and see that people are home and ignoring the knock on the door.

7. Anonymous will finally be the TIME mag person of the year.

8. No one will care anymore about the Kardashians. TV shows canceled. They become the Vanilla Ice of reality TV. Kanye's music sales take a dive too. He goes nuts and just kills all of them. Bruce Jenner's face survives. Kanye gets life in prison.

9. Michelle Bachmann finally realizes her husband is gay and supports gay rights. No one cares.

10. Blackberry 10 is released and no one cares. RIM goes out of business but on their way out they release a youtube video of their executives singing  a Frankie Goes To Hollywood song. The web site REDDIT loves it and it becomes a MEME.

11. An artist installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art accidentally blows up the building.

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