Tuesday, January 11, 2011

strange lucid dream january 12, 2011

last night I dreamt I was living in this house that was on the edge of a mountain and at certain intervals 1/2 part of the house separated and would float down with wires and across to another mountain and attach to another building. I was with several other people and we opened a door to go into the next building and that housed several medieval sculptures and corridors.

The sculptures started moving and throwing rocks and objects at us so we started running and climbed up some stairs and onto the roof. There we saw that there was a river between the 2 mountains and we were trying to figure out how to cross back to the other side. Upon waiting a few minutes we noticed the river would drain and then fill back up. So we ran across during one of these intervals and on the bottom side on the adjacent mountain there was an entire array of mostly commercial stores inside the mountain. We ran into one of the stores and the manager kept telling us to climb up the mountain because the river will fill back up.

We looked for stairways or ladders but could not find any. This other person came into the store and told us we would be safe if we followed him underground and he walked us to a spot which was now a cave and pointed at this area that resembled quicksand. He jumped in first and several of my friends followed but I decided not to and instead went outside to look for another way. I woke up and it was 4:57am.

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