Friday, September 08, 2006

another weird dream

I woke up today at about 5am with a weird vivid dream. In the dream I was at work and our building was going thru some evacuation procedure so since I work on the 5th floor we had to walk down the stairs but when we got to the 3rd floor a group of us noticed the stairway and floor had changed since the last time we walked down. Someone said it was because of the new Indian owners and it had to do with Bollywood. So we had to go down a different route and upon walking thru some corridors and down more stairs we came across this huge room; the first floor I assume. And in this room there were people sleeping but sleeping stacked on top of each other inside mounds of earth/dirt, like mini-hills and their bodies were inside except for the head and one on top of another with some space in between each. And on the floor was about 2feet of water with feces and urine, so in order to get to the exit we had to walk thru it. And when I walked several feet I woke up...looked at my cell phone, 4:58am.

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