Friday, May 05, 2006

michael piazza's funeral

Today myself, Elvia and our son Xul attended Michael Piazza's funeral to pay our respects to a colleage and close friend of many years. Elvia went over to the mic and did a wonderful speech. She is great and I also have great respect for Michael and was looking forward to seeing him at the next Polvo opening since it includes Rebecca Wolfram, an artist who was also part of the Axe Street Arena collective during the 1980s. He was also going to help out with Elizam Escobar's(another axe st arena artist) show in June. His death came as a shock to us. I could not believe it when Mirtes Zwierzinski emailed me the news. I saw him a month ago and never expected him to die so soon.

But since I love some pop culture, all this sadness reminded me of the final episode of the tv show "six feet under" and I remember the last 6 minutes. It is one of the best endings for a tv series; you see the future of the characters and the year and circumstance in which they die...awesome....sorry for that reference...i just had that damn Sia song in my mind all day.... The picture above and below is of our travel back to Chicago from the suburbs.

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