Thursday, April 27, 2006

my new future project

video installation of people's perspectives:

Step 1: Strapping a small video camera to a subject's forehead and having him/her walk around the block. The camera records from their perspective what they look at and how they interact with the situation. This is repeated with more subjects of various heights.

Step 2: Using digital video software to edit and placing all scenes on one screen in grid format(total of 16 scenes playing simoultaneously and looped, 4 rows by 4 columns). By editing and doing some scenes shorter that the others, each scene will not take place at the same time so each timeline will be slightly different.

Step 3: Projecting the final video onto a huge screen or using a large monitor. Another option is to do an installation of various monitors, stacking them and each playing one video.

Several years ago I did a digital print dealing with "empathy" and I imagined what a couple in the past(circa early 1900s) would be thinking about on certain days and I then recorded the imaginary thoughts along with old photographs to create a print. Well for this project I will be working with the present and people that I know using digital video to record their experiences at a certain time and location. We live inside these shells(bodies) and I am curious to experience at least visually how it would be to be inside another body and seeing the world from another person's eyes.

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