Friday, November 04, 2005

Casket Factory

I am off to Dallas, Texas for a weekend. There is this cool new independent art fair happening down there. I am taking several artists' work to show, so it will be fun to travel to Texas country and network.


  1. Vanessa11:09 AM

    It looks like you're not back yet.

    They must have eaten you.

    You are too reserved for blogging me thinks, and possibly why you don't post much.

    Ni que fueras tan ocupado.

    Sometimes it's ok to expose the inner self through words, not just visuals. In't it why you got this blog 'O thingy in the first place?

    Have a good one.

  2. hi vanessa,

    Texas ate me and am buried in a casket in Dallas....yeah i guess i am very reserved but i am also very busy. Maybe you know me maybe you dont, but i try to write on this blog whenever i get the chance.