Monday, April 04, 2005

NIU art gallery

I stopped by April 1st to see an interesting show of latina women artists at Chicago's NIU gallery/museum( The show featured work by Edra Soto, Paola Cabal, Dianna Frid, Gisela Insuaste, and Jessica Almy-Pagan. These are some of the most interesting women artists of latin american origin who are doing innovative contemporary work at this point in time in Chicago. Most of them have shown at Polvo at one time or another and are good friends of mine.

After I walked into the gallery the installation that was in the center was that of Gisela's vertical organic looking sculptures(the picture above is from her show at Polvo Well I remember from her show, the scultural pieces can easily fall since the black shapes just rest and balance on top of the sticks, so any movement can tumble them down. Anyways when I walked up to see it, most of them where on the floor. I thought maybe this time Gisela intended for some to be on the floor. You know artists can sometimes change their statement or can conceptually bullshit about anything. It wasn't until I was talking to Edra that she told me some visitor brushed up against one the pieces and that created a domino effect until most of them where on the floor. Wow! talk about an opening night performance!

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